Hey there! My name is Stephanie Uhranowsky.

I am a communications and marketing professional in the nonprofit sector.

Though I must tell you, the call of the wild has been sounding for some time and I’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of answering that call, hoping to align my love of nature and of the wild self with helping others on their personal journey towards discovery, health, mindfulness, and well being. I believe nature has this innate ability to heal us from the inside out when we allow ourselves to connect with her, a deep connection that some of us have lost over the years. In return, it is our responsibility to care for nature – to protect her, to advocate on her behalf, to become stewards of her conservation and preservation.


Personal Journey

Writing my own story, the one where I alone control the narrative, is of utmost importance. It should be of utmost importance to you as well when it comes to writing your own. In addition, there is the discovery of more ancient stories, ones from long before we were born, passed down through the generations by our ancestors, the ones that empower us and help us to reclaim the wild woman within.

These stories cry out to the internal warrior. They call for reversion – to dial back our lives in order to live more simply – forgoing the agendas of modern society. They will take us back to a time where humans called upon nature to heal and survive, both physically and spiritually. Where our ties to the natural world resonate from deep within. These stories call for a reawakening of our hearts. To reconnect with the feminine energy of our Mother Earth. And to balance this feminine with the masculine -feeding the feral parts of ourselves along with the tame. To plant our feet deep within the earthy soil and take root – grounding ourselves in the here and now. To be true to our most authentic self. To live in an awakened state, to grow with intention and integrity, and rediscover what was lost among the social fray.

These are the stories that will take us home to where the wild things are. To where our soul ignites. To the place where we become the heroine of our own story.

I am the seeker of these stories as I continue to write my own.



The 9-5

Currently, I work at a nonprofit organization that provides support services to individuals with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities. Here, I am the Director of Marketing and Events – the first staff member in 45 years to have a full-time position dedicated to both internal and external communications.

I left the corporate world because something was missing there. I loved the company I worked for, the team I worked with, and the professional role I was in. But my true passion lies in helping others. I needed my work to align more closely with making a difference, cultivating change, inspiring others, and giving back to my community, to the greater collective.

The mission of this agency is one of inclusion and equality, of embracing differences and diversity, of encouraging self-advocacy and independence, and providing individualized support that focuses on the strengths and abilities of a person, not a disability. I love that  about this agency and I am proud to be part of their mission.

Formally, I was an SEO Analyst and Client Results Team Lead at Net Driven, an internet marketing company focused on independent automotive businesses. There, I was like the mysterious Wizard of Oz, only behind a computer screen not a curtain. I worked behind the scenes to make websites search-friendly and help to optimize them through unique and quality content. I did a lot more than that too, and I’d be glad to discuss it further if you’re curious.

I also spent the better part of a decade as a Veterinary Technician and loved every moment of it – even the parts where I got pissed on.

I have experience in marketing, PR, copy writing, creative writing, social media content creation and management, brand development, media relations, event planning, fundraising, community outreach, nonprofit management, project management, team management, volunteer and intern management, client management, case management, client relations, client education, retail management, customer service, SEO and Google Analytics, digital marketing, strategic communications, animal care, and more.

I have been accepted into a Forest Therapy Guide Certification Program for June 2020 which will take 6 months to complete.


Fun Facts About Me

My friends might tell you that I am a shieldmaiden. They’re not lying. It’s true. I’m a modern day Viking.

The Vikings

I get emotionally attached to fictional characters as if they were real people.

I will keep buying books even though my shelves are bowing from the weight of the ones I haven’t yet read.

I have an extensive collection of Norse & Celtic Mythology and Viking Age history books.

I am more afraid of living an unfulfilled life than I am of dying.

I plan to publish a memoir someday.

When I get super excited about something, my voice gets really loud and I talk with my hands.

I am introverted by nature and I love solitude, especially getting lost in the forest.

I have a tendency to attach songs to people, places, and memories.

I try to see the beauty in everything.


Paying it Forward

I’m very passionate about certain social causes, the main one being hunger & homelessness. I’m the founder of The NOMAD Project. My mission is to spread awareness on a local level, advocate for change, and with the help of fellow supporters, donate supplies to those in need.


Pursuits of Happiness






Want to see my extensive to-read list? Or what I’ve read? Connect with me on Goodreads!


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DISCLAIMER: Everything you see expressed on this site comes from my personal views and opinions. They do not reflect those I know on a personal or professional level. These thoughts are my own. Also, any writing or imagery here is my own unless otherwise specified or quoted. If you are to use any content elsewhere, please ask permission or at least provide credit. Thank you!

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